Voodoospazm Productions is a digital creative agency, specializing in Animation, Motion Graphics and Illustration.

Our Services


2D animation is a proven, powerful and effective method of story telling. In addition to being entertaining, we will design characters to reflect your target demographic. This allows your consumers and customers to instantaneously identify with your brand. We provide services in the area of Character Design, Visual Development, Storyboards and rendered animated production.

Motion Graphics

Animated informational and explainer videos are excellent choices to develop your brand. You can leverage seamless integration of your logo and other brand indicators, while educating consumers on your product, service or topics. Informative graphs are often infused to drive the importance of your video campaign. Motion Graphics are suitable for: presentations, crowdfunding, trade shows, and social media. Your videos can be shown on the web, mobile, TV, boardroom, or wherever videos can be displayed.


Illustrative drawings can stand on their own, or accompany the written word to create a more impactful message. From advertising and events, to graphic novels and social media banners, we will create artwork to maximize your creative voice.

Each day 100 million internet users watch an online video.

We at Voodoospazm Productions believe in creating content that reminds us that ‘we’ matter. Our goal is to produce material that challenges assumptions, and in turn, inspires the audience to action.

1/3 of ALL online activity is spent watching videos.


Each completed project allows us to reflect on the creative experience and figure out if our reasons for producing the content is conveyed in the best manner. As creatives, we are constantly taking in new inspiration which will weave into our evolutionary process.

After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online.


Brainstorming. The first step is to learn who the customer is, and their goals for their brand, as well as for the project. Through conversation and questions, we gather information pertinent to the target demographic, visual styles, graphic elements, budget, legal rights and desired message to be delivered.

Development & Design. The next step is to leverage the information gathered and create a design strategy. We start with 3 solid concepts and/or storyboards, depending on the media requested. Concepts are presented to the client for feedback. Based on revisions notes, we decide on a single direction to move forward with.

Production. Choosing the right tools and equipment, we begin creating the final composition. This may be done in one media format or multiple formats. The goal is to get as close to the final rendering as possible. It is not uncommon to have a few revision notes upon seeing the produced artwork.

Deliverables. The final details are added to the revisions, and the composition is produced and ready to be published. the final files are delivered to the customer in the agreed upon format(s), as we shake hands and plan our next joint venture!

What People Say ?

Voodoospazm Productions is extremely fun to work with. They are very creative and spontaneous, and attentive to my branding direction. Quality work at a reasonable price!

William Elliot Springfield

Why Choose Us ?

Voodoospazm Productions was very fun to work with. They took the time to understand who I am, and who my children are, as we were all the subject matter for the illustration we commisioned. They nailed it!

Sekou Allen

What People Say ?

Voodoospazm Productions was a pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t have been able to complete my printed magazine without their expertise and strategy plan. They made Gummy Gamps magazine come to life with their illustrations and content layout!

Gummy Gamps Magazine


Leighton Walker, Jr
Founder / Animator / Illustrator

An avid cartoon fan since birth. Over 14 years of experience creating digital content. Influences include: Hip-Hop, Funk, Classic Rock, Jazz, Hanna Barbera, Harlem Globetrotters, Blaxploitation films, Cyberpunk genre, and Adult Swim.

Nikki B
Opportunity Coordinator / QA Superheroine

Over 17 years experience in, events, logistics, and creating matched opportunities. Nikki finds ways to add value to our partnerships and makes sure that the projects we take on are in line with our overall vision


What Do We Use?

Voodoospazm Productions creates animations for web series, short films, commercials, title sequences, explainer videos, music videos, presentations and more. We use the latest Toon Boom, Adobe, Apple and Smith Micro software.

Cartoon Animation 93%
Motion Graphics 89%
Explainer Videos 88%
Web Banners 70%
Infographics 85%
Illustration 90%
Packaging Design 75%


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