Criminal Minded

Here’s my production test illustration for my Patreon Drawing Sessions Web Series. This won’t make the cut for the pay section, but will be uploaded as a marketing demo to

Facebook Relationship Status

A funny and different way I look at the brilliant Relationship Status part of Facebook. I love that everyone is always happy……on Facebook..

Short Shifting The Mustang

A lunchtime drawing session product. I finally had time to just relax and draw! Sometimes it gets difficult to steal away time to get some ideas out, but it's necessary.

Art Supplies For Patreon

So the time is nearing. The Patreon products are coming in and I will start doing test videos, to make sure I give you the best quality possible. I will

Step By Step

As I am setting up my Patreon account for demo drawings, both traditional and digital, I wanted to share a screen shot montage of my digital process. The Patreon series

Vintage Camera

From a 10 minute drawing session.